What is Faultless ReWear Dry Wash Spray?

Faultless ReWear Dry Wash Spray is a quick & easy solution to refresh lightly worn clothes that aren’t ready for a full wash. The product refreshes the look & smell of clothes. It captures & eliminates odors as well as removes & resists wrinkles.

It’s formulated to help:
– Extend the life of clothes (less fading/shrinking)
– Keep whites whiter & stains from setting
– Save time, money and water (less washing)
– Impart a freshly-laundered scent

How do I use Faultless ReWear? What fabrics can I treat with it?

For best results, don’t shake can. Shaking the can may result in a spray that has some foaming or drips.

Faultless ReWear is safe for most fabrics. Test for colorfastness & water spotting by spraying on an inconspicuous area. Not recommended on dry clean only items such as silk, linen, rayon or leather.

How to use Faultless ReWear

Can I use ReWear Dry Wash Spray to freshen my face mask?

Yes! ReWear Dry Wash Spray works great to freshen up your mask during the day until you can wash it at home. Simply spray, let dry, and you’re good to go!

How does Faultless ReWear technology work to freshen fabrics? Does it really eliminate odors or does it just cover them up?

Faultless ReWear is formulated with a bio-based odor neutralizer that is effective at eliminating a broad range of malodors. The additives in Faultless ReWear are designed to interact with malodor molecules to inhibit their function, thus making the odor no longer detectable/perceivable.

How does the garment feel after treating with Faultless ReWear?

Faultless ReWear includes a combination of fabric conditioners that leave clothing feeling soft and luxurious.

After use of Faultless ReWear, how long does the item smell fresh?

Faultless ReWear eliminates malodors and imparts a fresh scent that typically lingers into the next use of the treated garment. As the garment is exposed to new environmental odors, the fresh scent will diminish over time.

Does Faultless ReWear help reduce static?

Yes, one of the many benefits of Faultless ReWear Dry Wash Spray is that it helps to reduce static.

Does this product build-up on clothes over time and harm the fabric?

With normal use, Faultless ReWear has not been found to leave any residue/build-up on clothing.

How do I activate the nozzle?

This product has a locking valve (there is a small graphic molded onto the button to illustrate). Simply twist the button counter-clockwise to unlock and activate the spray. The plastic ‘ring’ below the button remains stationary while the button rotates. You do not need to remove any portion of the valve or packaging.

The nozzle is broken, isn’t working, or the spray is spotty or weak. Can I fix this?

This nozzle cannot be removed for cleaning. If spray performance is unsatisfactory, invert the can and spray a few seconds to assure the nozzle/actuator is clear before trying the unit again. If performance remains unsatisfactory, the only option will be to seek a replacement.

Technical and Safety

Where is Faultless ReWear made?

Faultless ReWear is made in the United States.

How should I store Faultless ReWear?

Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures over 120 degrees F.

Does Faultless ReWear expire?

Faultless ReWear yields optimum results if used within 5 years of the ‘made on’ date.

The stamp on the bottom of each can indicates the date of manufacture. You’ll see a series of seven numbers, with the first two numbers indicating the year the product was made.

Is Faultless ReWear recyclable? Do any of these products require hazardous disposal?

The steel container is recyclable. For a complete list of acceptable materials, please contact your local recycling facility.

What ingredients are in Faultless ReWear?

Faultless ReWear contains Water, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Polyitaconic Acid Sodium Zinc Salt, Sodium Polyacrylate, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Fragrance.  Contains fragrance allergens.

Do you offer Faultless ReWear that is perfume-free?

Faultless ReWear is lightly fragranced for a freshly-laundered scent (above & beyond the odor-encapsulating technology). We do not offer a perfume-free variety at this time.

How do I get a Safety Data Sheet for Faultless ReWear?

Please visit our SDS library:

Where to Buy

Where can I buy Faultless ReWear?

Faultless ReWear is available online at our Faultless Brands store. Additionally, we have a convenient ‘Store Finder’ tool here.

Do you offer a travel size? Can I take it on a plane?

We do not currently offer a travel size Faultless ReWear spray, but it can be taken on airplanes in checked luggage.

Other Questions

How do I get help with an online order I placed directly with Faultless Brands?

Please email us at:

Where can I find coupons?

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How can I reach you if I have a question not answered here?

We’re happy to help! We promptly respond to written inquiries, usually within 2-4 business days. Please contact us here.